A convenient, affordable low blood sugar alert system.

  • Convenience

    Smartphones provides a simple, yet powerful interface for an overnight monitoring system. Dropsense can sound an alarm or alert loved ones of dangerous lows.

  • Affordability

    At Dropsense, we believe everyone should be able to monitor their blood sugar overnight. Our goal is to provide this technology at a price anyone can afford.

A better night's sleep.

Nighttime hypoglycemia is one of the biggest risks for the roughly 94 million people with diabetes worldwide using insulin. These individuals are living without a painless monitoring solution to keep them safe.

Worry-free solution.

Convenient, simple, affordable.
Dropsense monitors continuously overnight and alerts you upon sudden drops in blood sugar for a fraction of the price of continuous glucose monitors.

Data driven approach.



Non-invasive sensors integrated into a comfortable, wearable patch.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Smartphones provide a simple, yet powerful interface for warning users of a low.

Data Science

Data Science

An advanced, proprietary algorithm allows us to reliably detect hypoglycemia.

Meet the team.

Steve Yadlowsky

Steve Yadlowsky


Steve brings a strong background in machine learning and mobile devices to the engineering team. Additionally, as a type 1 diabetic himself, Steve brings a unique perspective to the team as both a patient and technologist.

Steve is studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley.

Jeremy Fiance

Jeremy Fiance


Jeremy Fiance heads business development, including operations, marketing, and finance.

Jeremy is pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley with an emphases in business and economics. Jeremy is also pursuing a concentration in engineering leadership from the College of Engineering.

Vikram Iyer

Vikram Iyer


Vikram's experience in sensor design and electronics has proved a valuable asset to the engineering team.

Vikram is currently an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at UC Berkeley.


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